At VATSALYA – pre-schoolers are cared for by trained and experienced teachers who keep them safe, loved and nurtured. The colourful, enriching environment with a variety of stimulating material, give your child the requisite learning, play and independence s/he is eager to enjoy.

VATSALYA PLAY CENTRE is the ideal step to prepare your child for transition into formal pre-primary school.

Play Centre Curriculum

The VATSALYA Play Centre curriculum focuses on play-way strategies and methods that foster informal learning. We provide attentive & qualified teachers with expertise and a basic love for children, with in house attention to special needs.

The day is not structured to bind children to a fixed schedule or curriculum; rather it is an interesting mix of learning by doing, experimenting; with ample room and emotional support to learn through mistakes – keeping in mind the child’s own pace. The curriculum has a balanced mix of modernism with core cultural and traditional values, through festival celebrations, yoga and shloka-chanting.

Play Centre Activities

Regularly – English Language enhancement plays a key role at this centre. Assembly & circle time, songs and rhymes, prayers & shloka chanting, art ‘n craft, drawing & colouring, general awareness & project talk, table manners, social etiquette, birthday celebrations with Mum & Dad, indoor/outdoor play, story time, enactment, dance, music, water-play, Friday colour day activities, ongoing event photos.

Monthly – festivals & celebrations, field trips, monthly parents’ meetings, regular progress feedback.

Bi annual/Annual – Term end review, Mum’s Day Out, Annual Picnic, Annual Concert, and Annual Class Photo.