Shamim Patel [Parent of Maryam and Schrish]

Vatsalya is more than a home for my kids – both Maryam and Schrish. They just love Vatsalya! Maryam hangs his bag on his shoulder and waits for the van even on weekends! I don’t need to really ‘teach’ them anything at home, so I am quite carefree, relaxed and spend fun times with them. I have full faith in the Vatsalya team for not just teaching, but really NURTURING my kids with great care and love, along with the amazing activities, manners and etiquette, traditional stories & festivals and amazing social skills! Good Work!

Bhavin Desai [Parent of Kyara]

We are very happy that we chose Vatsalya for our little Kyara – undeniably the best play centre in town! At first we were worried that being the youngest, she may not adjust. But she settled down within a few days and was eager to come to the centre. She has learnt many new things.

Aparna Arunachalam [Parent of Swarna]

I was initially very concerned about how my child Swarna would cope with going to a play centre. But the Vatsalya Team, has made my child’s journey very comfortable, memorable and happy. Every day, I am amazed to see the number of new learnings she comes up with, as well as with her rising levels of communication and confidence. Thank you for providing such valuable guidance to my little one.

Aarefa Munshi [Parent of Fatima]

Fatima enjoys Vatsalya. She comes home everyday singing rhymes with actions, speaks very clear words and does her own little things independently. She hated crayoning but now we see that she enjoys just scribbling in her own way, making her own thing! Vatsalya has given her the space and time she needed to come out. We are very happy!

Mihir Hirani [Parent of Swara]

We have seen and drastic but pleasant change in Swara – she has suddenly acquired a lot of new knowledge. She asks intelligent probing questions, is speaking small sentences in English…already! And yes, the teachers at Vatsalya are very good!

Nidhi Mehta [Parent of Reyansh]

No words can describe the feeling and grooming at Vatsalya. It is more than an awesome place! I can’t thank the teachers enough for whatever they do. From the bottom of my heart I can say – they are truly the second mother and home for my child, Reyansh.

Riteshkumar Patel [Parent of Pihu]

Pihu has suddenly moved ahead a lot – she is identifying colours, shapes, objects and has also started speaking more confidently, especially when she wants to express her needs.

Afsana Vohra [Parent of Aayat]

Aayat has learnt many new things – she always wants to go to the Play Centre, no matter what! She loves her teachers and we are happy with her happiness.

Radhika Kharpate [Parent of Arav]

Aarav has started speaking single words in English, expressing himself much more and to our surprise doing things on his own, like wearing his shoes, eating on his own, table manners….amazing! Thank you for taking such good care of him.